Votes Counter [by sql_girl@livejournal]

This has been specially made to make life easier if you are running some kind of Icontest Comm or any kind of Challenge Comm where you use polls to decide the winners.


1. Enter the vote list, separating the votes by ','.


12, 3, 7
4, 7, 9
10, 20, 14

NOTE: To make this step easier, you can just copy the whole text from the Poll section and then use the "Clean Text" button to take out all unnecessary text.

sql_girl -- 18,13,7
vanyx -- 05, 07, 22
n510310ltbc -- 17, 15, 7
perscutdoranges -- 5, 7, 11
elfennau -- 5, 11, 16
alwaysashipper -- 23, 13, 21
loka_bones -- 6,7,1
archemicstar -- 07,21,15

2. Enter the Total Count (total number of items participating in the poll) and Voting System.

In the Voting System enter the values separated by ',', being the points each item will receive depending the order of the voting (eg. 3, 2, 1 means the first item will receive 3 points, the second one 2 and the last one 1).The Voting System

The Voting System can consist of ANY number of values. For example, it could be "2,1" or "5,4,3,2,1". However, its important that the Votes List and the Voting System have the same number of values. If not, some votes could be ignored.

3. Then press Count and you will obtain the Voting Results below.

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Entering Votes

Total Count:
Voting System: (default system is 3,2,1)

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Voting Results

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