Icon Table Generator [by sql_girl@livejournal]

With this generator, you can create personalized tables to show not only icons but any kind of graphics. For bigger graphics you can have thumbnails to make the table look better. You can set backgrounds, colors, numbers, borders.

Have fun :)

Uploads and Settings

If you dont know how to start, see instructions on how to use.

Uploading Type:
All Images:

Images per row:
Table Background Color:  (eg. #000000)
Table Alignment:
Image Border:
Image Border Color:  (eg. #000000)

Settings for tables with Numbers:

Numbers Position:
Cells Background Color:  (eg. #000000)
Font Color:  (eg. #000000)
Start Number:
Optional Text Before Number:  (eg. 'Picture', '#', etc.)

Settings for tables with bigger images (banners, headers, etc):

Make Thumbnails:
Thumbnails width:  Default Value = 230
Link to the image:

Table Preview


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Paste the image url in the text box and click on "Add". The image will be added to the Images List and the Table Code will be updated in the Preview section.

You can chose between "Single Uploading" and "Multiple Uploading". Using the "Multiple Uploading", you can upload more than one picture in just one step. Paste the Images Urls separated by ";" then press "Add" and all the pictures will be uploaded.

Chose how many columns you want for the table. Tables can have from 1 to 7 columns. You can also set the background color for the table. This optiont is optional.

In any moment you can sort the images in the list using de "Up" and "Down" buttons. You can also delete any image by selecting it and click on "Delete". You can also delete them all at once by selecting all of them.

After changing any of the preferences, you can click on "Preview" to see the Table updated. Click on "Clear" to clear Table Code box.

Tables with Numbers:

There is the posibility of setting cells with numbers. This can be placed on the left, above or under the images. If you chose to have numbers you can set the color for backgrounds and fonts. Again, color settings are optional.

You can also set a Start Number in case you want the first number to be other than 1.

Tables with with bigger images:

You can also make tables for bigger images like banners, headers, wallpapers, etc. For this, you can check the "Make Thumbnails" option and set the width for those thumbnails. If you dont set a width, by default thumbnails width will be 230 pixels.

You can add a link to the image by checking the "Link to the image" option.

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